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The Art of Food with Ananas Ananas

Illuminated mushrooms, sculptural sausages, and hanging fruit mobiles—Verónica González and Elena Petrossian are trailblazers in edible art.

01 Milanese Architecture


A Modernist Guide to Milan

Curator Adam Štěch takes us on a tour of the design capital's most interesting post-war architecture.



Shamim Ehsani

Shamim Ehsani, founder of the distinctive, art-filled Tribe Hotel, on the cosmopolitan side of Nairobi, three iconic landscapes to see, and the main things he hates about hotels.

01 Art Basel Hong Kong


Top Five Things to See During Art Basel Hong Kong

Independent local curator Alberta Leung tells us what not to miss during the frenetic week.

Image 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On: Hotelito by MUSA

On Mexico’s Pacific Coast, MUSA is a community rooted in art, innovation, exploration, regeneration, and philanthropy.

01 Yinka Llori


The Design Diaries - Yinka Ilori

The British Nigerian designer brings back the joy of playfulness through his graphic color palette and bold compositions, transforming public spaces into playgrounds for kids and adults alike.

CJ Art Exhibitions Nan Goldin


The Best Art Exhibitions to See in Europe 2024

This year is an exciting year for art. Look no further than our collection of the most exceptional, can’t-miss exhibitions in Europe.

Womens Day 2024 01


Six Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs to Look Out For

In recent years, International Women's Day has evolved into a powerful global event to honor and amplify the voices of remarkable women—while also highlighting the progress still needed to continue toward gender equality.

01 Ana Pusica


The Art of Movement with Ana Pušica

We caught up with the Serbian artist during her residency at Patina Maldives on her exploration of light, color, and self through her works.

01 Epigentic Boost Retreat


The Epigenetic Approach to Well-being

We chatted with yoga and meditation teacher Federico Insabato ahead of the three-day retreat at Eremito about improving your genetics for overall health and longevity.

01 Hotels Embracing The Future


Six Hotels Embracing the Future of Travel

In our Further Forecast trend report, we defined six megatrends that are transforming the way we travel. From Mexico to the Maldives, these properties are take such future-oriented paradigm shifts to heart.

MBO Sofia 21.2


Rumi and George Chopev

“Our love for great wines isn’t just a personal thing, it’s a joy we want to share with everyone, friends and guests alike.”

01 Biophilic Design


The Future of Design: Biophilia

Meaning a passionate love of all living things, the movement is about integrally embracing plants, flowing water, biodiversity, natural materials, and plenty of sunlight into everyday spaces.