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Our hotels stand for holistic concepts that are sources of inspirations, following a wholly integrated approach that goes far beyond appealing interior design or architecture. The concept gives the property its individuality and creates a cohesive picture and atmosphere.

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Choice of materials and attention to detail are paramount for these two criteria. While architecture is about how public and private spaces feel and create an “organism”, design is the visual, tactile and sensual elements that come together to create a unique experience.

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We look for properties that have a deep connection and dialogue with their locality - standing alongside other businesses in a local scene as a valued partner or being a leading figure, helping a neighborhood to transform itself. Our hotels serve as a gateway to experiences locals enjoy and are able to offer guests a “locals perspective’’ into architecture, food, design and art.

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A thought out, wholly integrated concept is pointless without creating a proper brand image in the consumer’s mind.The brand and all communication elements should offer a cross-sensory experience that evokes emotion and desires but also represent the hotel’s feel, touch and personality.

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