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For a quarter century, we’ve been at the forefront of a movement in travel by curating a global collection of independent, design-driven hotels that function as social hubs and spaces for purposeful experiences.

Since 1993, we’ve been crafting a portfolio which today includes 300+ privately owned and operated hotels that reflect the vision of independent hoteliers—or “Originals”—with a passion for culturally-rooted hospitality and cutting-edge design and architecture. From the pioneering boutique hotels of New York, Paris, and London, to the rising stars of Shanghai, Mexico City, and Nairobi, to remote mountaintops, hidden beaches, and off-the-beaten-path escapes, each independent hotel in our hand-picked collection is a wholly unique creative expression, steeped in the history, culture, and the nature of its environment.

Across the world, our hotels anchor a community of travelers united in the pursuit of inspired environments, genuine local culture, and transformative, boundary-pushing adventures. Against a backdrop of new parameters and shifting norms, we embark on an ever-evolving movement forged on purpose, connectedness, and curiosity. We invite you to join the journey into the Promadic.

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We love to share the stories of the people behind our hotels—the ones with the imaginative spirit that shapes exactly what we stand for. Whether owners or operators, designers or developers, our Originals are always outstanding personalities and pioneering thinkers. They are the engines behind revolutionary hospitality. They shape the way we travel, they challenge the very definition of a hotel, and they inform on what’s to come in the industry.

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Further is a traveling laboratory we launched in 2017 for experiential hospitality and collaborative culture. We transform hotels across the globe into temporal hubs of thematic exploration. Part creative residency, part cultural exchange, part immersive hospitality experiment, we bring together artists, writers, scientists, artisans, farmers, designers, and other place-makers for site-specific gatherings in support of research, conversation, and collaboration. An unabashed invitation to play, Further creates spaces for radical inclusion and boundless discovery.


Original Experiences

In recent years, the travel sector has witnessed a dramatic shift in consciousness. Through vivid, audiovisual storytelling, Original Experiences get at the heart of what’s most meaningful for today’s traveler: the lived moment, a highly personal, emotional, and most of all experiential concept. The true value of travel is to be found in unique, meaningful moments—the ones that moved your soul or altered your mind. Come along to feel the soul-stirring sound of the Pacific tide against Oaxacan rock, a typical Georgian Supra in the cradle of the Kaukasian mountains, or the perfect day in New York

The Design Hotels Book

The Design Hotels™ Book tells the story of handpicked hotels and trailblazing concepts around the globe, and of the original hoteliers who brought them boldly to life. Released once a year, the coveted compendium is an established reference source among leading architects and designers. The 2020 edition marks an innovative new editorial and artistic direction for the design anthology, created in collaboration with some of the world’s leading photographers. An evocative series of photo essays and reportage provides an individualized look at 25 new hotels that are rewriting the narrative of modern hospitality.

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Directions is our annual magazine that looks at movements in art, design, food, wellness and fashion, and tracks their impact on the way we live and travel. As profound shifts give rise to ‘’The Promadic Traveler’’, the 2020 edition of Directions explores the motivations, values, and desires of this emerging demographic, one that is guided by the idea that travel should be proactive, purposeful, and foster a sense of personal progress. This issue puts into focus our findings from a yearlong study on The Promadic Traveler, a low-impact trip through the Alps, and a mythic journey down Mexico’s Pacific coastline. We’ve also culled six cross-industry thought leaders to bring light to how today’s challenges will impact tomorrow’s traveler.

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