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      • Bangalore (1)
      • Chennai (2)
      • Goa (2)
      • Hyderabad (1)
      • Jodhpur (1)
      • Kochi (1)
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      • Bangalore

        The South Indian city of Bengaluru, or Bangalore as it was called before 2006, was once a centre of British colonial rule and has since become an Indian ‘Silicon Valley’.
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      • Chennai

        The Indian city of Chennai, or Madras as it was called before 1996, is a lively, modern city with beautiful beaches, historic temples and colonial landmarks.
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      • Goa

        Located on the west coast of India and bordered by the Arabian Sea, Maharashtra and Kamataka, Goa is the smallest state in India.
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      • Hyderabad

        Intoxicating, invigorating and enlightening all at once. This goes part way to describing what you will encounter in the magnificent city of Pearls.
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      • Jodhpur

        Jodhpur is a beautiful trading town situated in Rajasthan province close to the famous Great Thar Desert. The impressive Mehrangarh Fort builded in 1459 is located high above the city and is enclosed with thick walls.
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      • Kochi

        Also known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”, the beautiful seaside city Kochi (formerly known as Cochin) is the perfect place to experience India’s colorful colonial past.
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      • Kolkata

        The Indian city of Kolkata (Calcutta until 2001) was the capital of the British Raj until 1911; the local Calcutta Gallery tells the history of the city’s Indian inhabitants and of their struggle for independence.
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      • New Delhi

        The Indian city of New Delhi is certainly one of the most amazing places on the planet.
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