8 Hotels & Resorts Found For india

  • Bangalore (1)
  • Chennai (2)
  • Goa (1)
  • Gurgaon (1)
  • Hyderabad (1)
  • Kolkata (1)
  • New Delhi (1)

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  • Bangalore

    The third largest city in India, Bangalore competes with Mumbai in its cosmopolitanism. The IT hub has a large international crowd, giving the city a diverse culinary.
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  • Chennai

    The Indian city of Chennai, or Madras as it was called before 1996, is a lively, modern city with beautiful beaches, historic temples and colonial landmarks.
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  • Goa

    Lovers of golden beaches, chilled-out vacation spot, and intensely flavorful cuisine rejoice—Goa is the place for you. Head south for total quiet and peace; and partygoers take note: following the North Star will get you where you want to be.
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  • Gurgaon

    Rich in the western comforts of malls, restaurants, and towering residential skyscrapers, India’s financial and industrial center city of Gurgaon is also home to pilgrimage sites, ancient ruins, and temples that create an old-world feel as well.
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  • Hyderabad

    As the center of one the most prosperous provinces, Hyderabad is home to exquisite Islamic architecture, a soulful spicy cuisine, old pearl markets, and India’s new IT hub.
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  • Kolkata

    Formerly Calcutta, the Bengali city of Kolkata is a place that almost defies description. It is massive, crowded, and cultured. It is poor, wealthy, and lush. And for those who welcome rich experiences, it is not to be missed.
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  • New Delhi

    India’s capital city, New Delhi awes and overwhelms thanks to its jumble of people, busy bazaars filled with treasures, amazing street food, and dense mixture of architectural styles.
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