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Arena* & Owners Weekend 2022
Crete & Athens

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The 2022 lineup of artists, dancers, and musicians reimagined Greek traditions, charted new paths, and kept the Aegean energy buzzing.

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Zakia Zewell

Marina Satti

Marina Satti is a Greek singer, songwriter, and music producer born in Athens to a Sudanese father and a Cretan mother. Her culturally diverse upbringing in Heraklion, Crete, shaped the multicultural nature of her artistic career. Today, her music combines elements of Greek traditional music with contemporary sounds and polyphonic rhythms and production.


Zakia is a DJ, broadcaster, and writer from London with a passion for music, arts, mental health, and history. She regularly produces and presents radio documentaries and podcasts for such platforms as BBC Radio 4, Tate, and Boiler Room, covering diverse topics from British folk culture to schizophrenia to Sabar drumming in Senegal.

The Zenmenn

On a quest for a taste of the divine, The Zenmenn plunge themselves into a mystical world of shimmering harps and languid guitars, at once heavenly and sub-aquatic. The trio paints with a palette of many colors, taking influence from music from all over the world to create a vibrant and original sound world.

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Suso Saiz

Escapades by Markella Manoliadi

Renowned Cretan choreographer Markella Manoliadi has crafted a piece exclusively for Arena* with the themes of circularity and traditions in mind. Inspired by Salema Revisited by Andonis Foniadakis, the piece pays tribute to pentozalis, a dance that is fundamental to the cultural heritage of the island. The music, by composer Ted Reglis, has been written exclusively for this performance.

Suso Sáiz

An avant-garde musician, composer, guitar player, and producer, Suso Sáiz creates an imaginative, unmistakable hypnotic sound. Born in Cádiz, Spain, Sáiz was a pioneer of New Age music in his home country. His work is inspired by a broad spectrum of music and disciplines, including the plastic arts, theater, film, and poetry.


Veleyle is a DJ/producer from Istanbul. A sonic safari of exotic melodies, her music is inspired by the Turkish folk music her father played during her childhood, à la turca music, ancient chants, and global sounds. She blends folk instruments and rich percussion with house groove, psychedelic synths, and authentic vocals, creating a sense of positivity.

Brass Classe

Omilos Vrakoforon Kritis

Founded in Rethymno, Crete, in 1973, Omilos Vrakoforon Kritis is the Crete’s preeminent school of dance and the largest traditional group on the island. The group features in festivals, parades, and cultural events throughout Greece. In addition to dance performances, the group instructs local children in Cretan dance and other traditions.


Comprised of a group of friends from Athens, Adalou plays melodies that extend from the old traditions to today. They are passionate about the nostalgic sound of the old recordings. The name “Adalou” comes from the West African Yoruba language and conjures people, culture, and fun.

Brass Classe

Hailing from Athens, Brass Classe plays music from the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean irrespective of state borders. Using trumpets, bass, percussion, and the oud (a type of lute), the band references Roma and other groups to create diverse, colorful dance music.