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Torroja del Priorat

Discover our exceptional luxury boutique hotels in Priorat, Spain

Winemaking in Spain’s Priorat region dates back to the Middle Ages, when a group of Carthusians monks founded a monastery in what came to be called Escaladei Dei (Staircase to God). Today, Priorat is a popular destination for wine lovers the world over. Torroja del Priorat, itself, is a traditional village in the heart of wine country and is filled with charm thanks to its narrow alleyways and cobbled streets. Here, you will get a true feel for the region’s local culture and lifestyle. Things to do in Priorat include a visit to the area’s the beautiful vineyards, which were planted on the terraces and costers, or slopes, that characterize the landscape. The remains of a Medieval defense tower—Torre Roja, or red tower— are still visible next to a town church and showcase the region’s red stone. Below, find our boutique hotels in Priorat.

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