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Recently New York City began what might well be the grandest of all urban reinventions, becoming as livable as a city can be. One of the world’s most congested places is a haven for bikers, with expanded bike lanes and bike rental hubs seemingly everywhere. Entire blocks have been dedicated solely for pedestrians, creating mini parks where there was only traffic. Add to this stringent gun laws, environmental programs, public health initiatives, great boutique hotels in NYC, and one understands why distant cities have been inspired to adopt similar initiatives. And with reinvention comes inspiration. Today, New York fosters an environment where design, architecture, sustainability, and humanitarian efforts are thriving, giving the destination soul…to say nothing of our boutique and luxury NYC hotels. A visit to New York City always makes for an exciting trip, but today’s New York can do more. It can open your eyes. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury hotels in New York City.
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Crosby Street Hotel

New York City
, United States

Kit Kemp's signature aesthetic at Crosby Street Hotel mirrors the individuality of New York's SoHo.

from EUR 485 /night

Gramercy Park Hotel

New York City
, United States

Step into a 21st-century Renaissance at Gramercy Park Hotel, where jewel-toned colors and masterpieces whisk you to another time.

from EUR 304 /night

Hôtel Americano

New York City
, United States

Set in a former parking garage, Hôtel Americano has a cool industrial Manhattan veneer but a warm Latin soul.

from EUR 217 /night

The Ludlow Hotel

New York City
, United States

The Ludlow Hotel is the Lower East Side’s hip new living room with a singular, loft-like feel and welcoming vibrant public spaces.

from EUR 180 /night

11 Howard

New York City
, United States

Social consciousness meets game-changing design at this hip new hub for downtown New York’s creative community.

from EUR 221 /night

The Whitby Hotel

New York City
, United States

Midtown Manhattan emits downtown flair with Kit Kemp’s stunningly designed home base for the creative class.

from EUR 642 /night
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