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  • Amsterdam (2)
  • Eindhoven (1)
  • Leersum, Utrecht (1)
  • Maastricht (1)
  • Rotterdam (1)

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  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is famous for its Grachten, a system of concentric canals running through the old town that was started in the 17th century.
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  • Eindhoven

    Eindhoven is one of the Netherlands’ premier design cities, home to countless museums and galleries, plus the world-famous Dutch Design Week every year.
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  • Leersum, Utrecht

    Utrecht, in central Netherlands, is one of the country’s most historically rich cities, with a spectacle of medieval architecture radiating from the grand Dom Tower in the Old Town.
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  • Maastricht

    Amsterdam may be better known, but the Dutch city of Maastricht is arguably cooler and more rewarding to those who like their cafes and ancient churches populated with the vibrancy one would expect from a university town.
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  • Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world.
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