Le Jardin Secret

Maison Couturier, San Rafael, Mexico

Deep in the tropics of Veracruz, you’ve stolen away to this French pastoral enclave, a lush secret whispered from generation to generation. Shadows of lime and mango trees flicker across your skin as you lounge near the stone pool, watching a spaniel roll around in freshly cut grass. High noon arrives and it’s time for lunch—fait maisonjuicy Veracruz shrimp in Chateaubriand served with wood-fired homemade bread and a cool glass of Languedoc. You feel some French spirit living on across the ages, fortified by these well-kept, productive fields—a fusion of Veracruz and France in a tropical estate bound by a profound love of le terroir.

“And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.” Frances Hodgson Burnett

THE HOTEL – Maison Couturier is an agricultural estate in Veracruz, Mexico, built by French immigrants who came here in the 19th century. Based on family traditions handed down through generations, the resort preserves the heritage of its founders in this secluded tropical sanctuary. It is a place of serenity and indulgence, surrounded by banana plantations, lemon trees, and exotic vegetation. Private bungalows ring a polished stone watering hole. The restaurant upholds the traditions of the French community that settled here in 1833, serving handmade artisanal cheese and wood-fired water bread based on old family recipes.

"We use a local team every time we build a hotel, and we read the surroundings and their traditions to integrate the local culture into our project." Moisés Micha – Cofounder and Creative Director of Grupo Habita

For Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha, building hotels that reflect their surroundings is more than just a job—it’s a passion that drove these two Mexican entrepreneurs from citrus farming and investment banking to boutique hospitality. Avid art collectors who are active in the Mexican art community, Couturier and Micha are passionately committed to investing in the regions in which they build their hotels, from Mexico to the United States. “Even if we're successful at something, we don't repeat it,” explains Couturier. "We like this sense of passion and audacity." Their Grupo Habita collection has grown to include 13 diverse properties, from Acapulco to downtown Manhattan. 

Maison Couturier, San Rafael, Mexico

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