Barefoot on Aegean Shores

Ekies All Senses Resort, Halkidiki, Greece

Now you know what it’s like to wake up in a seaside jungle. A few steps and your feet are in the Mediterranean. A warm wind blows across the beach, trembling the branches of olive trees and maritime pines that surround and enfold your beachfront suite. Sunlight warms the nape of your neck and ravishes the sea’s surface—bright, reflected flashes strobing against crystal-blue waters. You walk langorously up the coast, gazing across the water to the other side of Halkidiki, where the great Mount Athos has loomed since the dawn of civilisation—Athos of Greek mythology, of Homeric legend, of Christian scripture…  Seabirds swoop and dip over the gentle morning waves and up into the wooded slopes around you, as you walk barefoot over powdery sun-warmed Aegean sands.

“Adventure is worthwhile.” Aristotle (born in Halkidiki in 384 B.C.)

THE HOTEL — Greek tradition meets contemporary, sustainable design at Ekies All Senses Resort, a pared-down retreat that takes a barefoot approach to Mediterranean luxury. Set on a stunning, unspoiled beach on the east side of Sithonia—one of three peninsulas of Halkidiki in northeastern Greece on the translucent waters of the Aegean Sea—the resort is surrounded by rocky islands, caves, crystal waters, sandy beaches, and pine forests. The textures and imagery of this idyllic landscape are reflected in Ekies’ unique design, which incorporates natural, unrefined materials, such as solid wood and Greek grey marble, and also takes a fresh spin on traditional Greek design.

"I want to present Greece through design and fabric. I want a history behind it, but in a modern way." Alexandra Efstathiadou

In many ways, Ekies owes its existence to the joy of a little girl playing on the beach. Alexandra Efstathiadou used to come with her family to an earlier incarnation of the hotel, so when she found it in ruins years later, she decided to bring it back to life. Efstathiadou spent nine years working with various architects and interior designers to transform it into a resort that would emphasize its natural surroundings while showcasing contemporary Greece through design, fabrics, and colors. The man who guided the resort’s visual identity is Vangelis Liakos, whose award-winning Thessaloniki-based design firm Beetroot has brought international attention to the area and helped propell its art and design scenes.

Ekies All Senses Resort, Halkidiki, Greece

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