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Like people, destinations have times when they are truly at their best. Paris, of course, is a stunner in spring, but come September when the crowds thin, the city reveals itself in new powerful ways. The same could be said for Venice and Rome when the tourists depart but the beauty remains. Or Hong Kong when the humidity drops exposing what is a great walking destination. And in Mexico City, September is the very end of a rainy season that keeps the crowds away—folks who don’t realize that the rain tends to come at night and in quick, sudden fits. Yep, September is when truly smart travelers get going. Behold the best places to go this September.


35 Participating Hotels for Hotels of the Month

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  • Austria (2)
  • Bulgaria (1)
  • China (2)
  • France (3)
  • Georgia (1)
  • Greece (5)
  • Israel (1)
  • Italy (2)
  • Mexico (4)
  • Portugal (3)
  • South Korea (1)
  • Spain (1)
  • Taiwan (2)
  • Tanzania (1)
  • Turkey (2)
  • United States (4)
  • Athens (1)
  • Healdsburg (1)
  • Hong Kong (2)
  • Hunter Mountain (1)
  • Ibiza Town (1)
  • Incheon (1)
  • Istanbul (2)
  • Lisbon (2)
  • Mexico City (2)
  • Mykonos (1)
  • New York City (2)
  • Paris (3)
  • Rome (1)
  • San Miguel De Allende (2)
  • Santiago Do Cacém (1)
  • Santorini (3)
  • Sofia (1)
  • Stepantsminda (1)
  • Taipei (2)
  • Venice (1)
  • Vienna (2)
  • Zanzibar (1)
  • Zichron Ya’akov (1)
Services & Facilities
  • Art Gallery (1)
  • Fine Dining (4)
  • Fitness Center (12)
  • Pool (9)
  • Rooftop (3)
  • Spa (8)
  • Surfing (0)
  • Yoga (4)

San Giorgio Mykonos

, Greece

Melding the carefree finesse of ’60s bohemia with a down-to-earth “gypset” approach, San Giorgio Mykonos is about ease and enjoyment.

Sense Hotel Sofia

, Bulgaria

Sofia’s first upscale design hotel, Sense combines exceptional service with a peerless location among the Bulgarian capital’s landmarks.

Nest Hotel

, South Korea

Taking the island airport hotel to the next level, Nest Hotel, set in Incheon near Seoul, is the perfect getaway for today’s jet-set crowd.


, Greece

Carved into the face of a cliff on one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Vora offers views, privacy, and luxury that are worthy of the gods.

Perianth Hotel

, Greece

A neo-modernist marvel, Perianth Hotel celebrates contemporary Greek culture in the heart of its ancient capital, Athens.

Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel

Zichron Ya’akov
, Israel

A Brutalist icon reborn as a stunning boutique property and cultural center, the Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel is nothing if not inspired.

Santiago Hotel Cooking & Nature

Santiago do Cacém
, Portugal

A multisensory trip through Portugal’s Alentejo region awaits, with top culinary offerings, a gorgeous natural setting, and laidback high-end Iberian luxury.

Ca’ Pisani

, Italy

A cultural meeting point for artists and critics of all stripes, this classical-meets-1930s-Futurist hotspot is a work of art itself.