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S Hotel

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  • Temperature today

    23°C / 74°F

  • Location

    • Located in the heart of Taipei on Dunhua North Road, the hotel is just a short stroll from Taipei Arena, which plays host to art and cultural activities, as well as down the road from one of the city's popular shopping malls, the Breeze Center, a favorite among locals. Be sure to gorge on delicious street food at the famous night markets, from the decades-old Ningxia and the expansive Shilin market, to the local favorite Raohe Street Tourist market.

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  • Nearest airport

    • TSA - Taipei Songshan Airport

  • Nearest train station

    • Taipei Railway Station


  • Food & Drink

    • Diners enjoy seasonal gastronomic experiences that bring together the freshest local produce and refined contemporary cooking techniques.

  • Conference & Meetings

    • Conference room

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