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      The Hotel

      Sempacherstrasse, 14, Lucerne, Switzerland

      Member since 03/2001   Rooms 30   Architecture Jean Nouvel   Interior Design Jean Nouvel
      The Original Urs Karli

      Mere steps from the celebrated Culture and Congress Center, The Hotel exudes sensuality and elegance in the heart of Lucerne.

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      April 20, 2014 – April 22, 2014

      • Deluxe Studio - D2T

        • Deluxe Studio with twin beds
        • 24sqm
        • furnishings combining wood and steel by Jean Nouvel
        USD 300 /night
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      • Corner Junior Suite

        add only USD 51 /night
        • corner junior suite-28 sqm
        • 2 twin beds -park view
        • wood and steel furnishings by Jean Nouvel
        USD 351 /night
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      • Garden Park Suite

        add only USD 79 /night
        • garden park suite
        • 34 sqm
        • 2 twin beds-garden patio
        • wood and steel furnishings by Jean Nouvel
        USD 379 /night
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      About Your Stay

      Any guest yearning for surprise, sensuality, and an elegant, even cinematic experience should simply check into The Hotel. Owner and hotelier Urs Karli wanted to transcend the usual hotel experience by offering not a “home away from home,” but a place to be surprised and truly inspired. The strategy obviously worked.  Optical effects abound in bespoke studios and suites, designed by star architect Jean Nouvel right down to the last piece of furniture. Creative details like ceiling projections and clever techniques with mirrors create a space that elicits curiosity and awakens the senses.

      Jean Nouvel

      A small corner property built in 1907 has been transformed into designer hotel "The Hotel" by none other than French star architect Jean Nouvel, whose celebrated Lucerne Culture and Convention Center is just a few steps away. Owner and hotelier Urs Karli did not merely want to meet his guests’ expectations of creature comforts but rather to transcend any preconceived notions of how they should come alive in a hotel. The Hotel’s simple name is aptly chosen, seeing as it does not set out to be a "home away from home" but a place to be surprised and truly inspired. A tall order, to be sure, but one Jean Nouvel masterfully accomplished by infusing his interior design with surprise, sensuality and elegance. A familiar motif is artfully interpreted, without the crudeness this metaphor so often applies: People outside have the impression of being inside and those inside of being outside; displayed by Nouvel’s restrained yet clever interplay of mirrors which makes the tangible barrier between the pavement outside and the restaurant "Bam Bou" inside vanish in the eyes of the beholder.

      Interior Design
      Perfectly Composed

      The furnishing concept bears Nouvel’s hallmark: vertical lines are drawn in wood, horizontal ones in stainless steel. Color specialist Alain Bony collaborated to create individual color compositions for each of the 25 guestrooms. Perfecting the element of surprise, film still projections of  iconic scenes from Buñuel, Almodóvar and Greenaway come alive on your ceiling while you lie in bed.

      Made by Originals
      Urs Karli

      Swiss entrepreneur Urs Karli had a dream to build a hotel that breaks the mold. The Hotel exudes the charm and charisma of its home city of Lucerne and is a refinement of Karli's idea of hospitality as a focal point for society in the communication era. For Karli, pleasures must go beyond relaxation – he wants his guest to be entertained. Karli has transformed an old house into an oasis of hospitality, setting a new benchmark for the trend-conscious, future-oriented Swiss hotel trade. The result is the interaction of influences: a non-branded hotel removed from interchangeable trends and designed more for uniqueness than for homogeneity.

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