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Huus Gstaad Hotel

Original Experiences

Call of the Alps

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Original Experiences

Call of the Alps

Under a pale blue Alpine sky, we laughed together in the open air. Slowly at first and then faster and completely, we forgot about work and school and all the technological tethers of our daily lives.

We lived wild and free, building fires, hiking and rafting, climbing to the summit, biking through the woods. We talked for hours and lounged around the fireplace. We read all the books we’d been pushing to the side. We were a family—together—in the great outdoors, living the adventure of our lives.

Huus Gstaad Family Hiking 002 N

Set some 1,111 meters above sea level in a spectacular Swiss Alp setting, Huus Gstaad Hotel serves as a perfect basecamp for communal adventure amid supreme natural wonders. Situated near Gstaad in the Bernese Oberland, the former Steigenberger Hotel has been reshaped by architect and designer Erik Nissen Johansen, a Norwegian visionary and artist with a passion for engaging experiences and visual storytelling. A reinterpretation of a classic Swiss chalet, Huus Gstaad Hotel features outstanding restaurants, a stunning spa complex, a lounge “living room” with unparalleled views and an accompanying fireplace and library of 500 books. Outside, guests enjoy 250 kilometers of slopes and trails and a full immersion into nature through river rafting, family canyoning, rappelling, rope park adventures, bike tours, and much more.

Huus Gstaad Climbing 005 N
Huus Gstaad Bedroom Cuddling 008 N
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Huus Gstaad Food 004 N

“Let nature be your teacher.” William Wordsworth

Huus Gstaad Camp Fire 003 01 N
Huus Gstaad Making Camp Fire Detail 003 02
Huus Gstaad Balcony Girl Mountain View 003 03 N
Huus Gstaad Backpack Flowers 003 05
Huus Gstaad Kids With 003 01

“I never thought I would be a hotelier,” says Naja Marwan, who was born and raised in Beirut and worked as an investment specialist until he met his Huus Gstaad business partner Günter Weilguni. “I became a hotelier because of my love for the beautiful Gstaad/Saanen area and my trust in and friendship with Günter.” For his part, Weilguni knew since his boyhood in the Tyrol that he was destined to become a hotelier. Making his way in the hospitality business—including 19 years at Steigenberger Hotel Gstaad—Weilguni was perfectly positioned to transform that structure into Huus Gstaad Hotel. He and Marwan have combined to bring heart, soul, and resources to this stunning new hotel. The result for its guests, as Weilguni aptly puts it, is “pure experience!”

Huus Gstaad Guenter Weilguni Marwan Naja 007 N

I think Huus Gstaad is partly driven by my love of the mountains and partly as a way to show my love and appreciation for my adopted country of Switzerland. 

Marwan Naja  chairman of Huus Gstaad Hotel

Huus Gstaad Restaurant 009 N
Huus Gstaad Mountain Biking 006 01 N (1)
Huus Gstaad Mum With Daughter Binoculars 006 02 N
Huus Gstaad Mountain Waterfall 001 N
Huus Gstaad River Rafting 006 04 N
Huus Gstaad Family Hiking 006 05 N
Huus Gstaad Bedroom Book Reading 006 06 N
Huus Gstaad Exterior 006 07 N