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Huus Gstaad Hotel

S Huus Gstaad Hotel Gstaad Switzerland
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  • Food & Drink

    2 restaurants, bar, lounge, terrace

  • Spa & Recreation

    Spa, pool, gym

  • Conference & Meetings

    6 meeting rooms, private event for up to 100 people

  • Architecture

    Stylt Trampoli

  • Interior design

    Stylt Trampoli

  • The Originals

    Günter Weilguni & Marwan Naja

  • Themes


  • Food & Drink

    2 restaurants, bar, lounge, terrace

  • Spa & Recreation

    Spa, pool, gym

  • Conference & Meetings

    6 meeting rooms, private event for up to 100 people

In a glorious Swiss Alp setting, the 136-room Huus Gstaad Hotel rises—reborn and reimagined—as a classic Alpine chalet where one can embrace the pinnacle of adventure, taste, and comfort.

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Architecture Stylt Trampoli

Huus Gstaad Hotel Architecture

Architecture Stylt Trampoli

Working with a building originally constructed in the 1980s, Erik Nissen Johansen—the visionary architect...

and artist behind Stylt Trampoli—has removed walls and enlarged windows to expose the region’s extraordinary grandeur and natural beauty. Built in a classic Alpine chalet style, the seven-story structure has undergone a gut renovation that holds onto the traditional styles of local Swiss architecture, while at the same time infusing it with a sense of modernity.

Interior design Stylt Trampoli

Rich colors, textured patterns, and comfortable corners invite one to get lost in the hotel’s timeless mountain environment.

The overall design of the hotel, which includes fantastic food and drink offerings as well as a library and communal fireplace, celebrates the notion of togetherness. Huus Gstaad is where local traditions meet international influences, giving guests a true taste of the Alps with a cosmopolitan twist.

Hus Gstaad Bar Lamps in Gastaad

The Originals Günter Weilguni and Marwan Naja

“Huus Gstaad is partly driven by my love of mountains and as a way to show my love for my adopted country of Switzerland.”
- Marwan Naja

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Huus Gstaad Hotel Made By Originals
Huus Gstaad Hotel Theme Box 1 Left (1)

Food & Drink Breakfast all day

There are seven unique world breakfasts to choose from, with over 200 choices from staples to organic health foods.

Huus Gstaad Hotel Theme Box 1 Right (1)

Mountain Chalet-style glamour

At 1,111 meters above sea level, the hotel offers panoramic views over quaint villages.

Outside, skiers of all levels enjoy 250 kilometers of slopes and trails and a full immersion into nature through river rafting, family canyoning, rappelling, rope park adventures, bike tours, and much more.

Huus Gstaad Hotel Theme Box 2 (1)
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Original Experiences Call of the Alps

Call of the Alps

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Huus Gstaad Hotel
Schoenriedstrasse 74
Gstaad 3792

Facts & Facilities

  • Temperature today

    2°C / 35°F

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