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      Elite Plaza Hotel

      Västra Hamngatan, 3, Gothenburg, Sweden

      Member since 09/2001   Rooms 127   Architecture Lars Helling   Interior Design Gunnar Svensson AB
      The Original Bicky Chakraborty

      Wonderfully located in the heart of Gothenburg, the Elite Plaza is a carefully understated melding of past and present and a perfect place for business and leisure travelers alike.

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      April 30, 2014 – May 2, 2014

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      About Your Stay
      Elite Plaza Hotel

      In a neoclassical building in downtown Gothenburg, designers Christer Svensson and Lars Helling have created a traditional masterpiece with the Elite Plaza Hotel. In working with this late 19th-century building, the two designers have retained such details as the lobby's English mosaic floor and Italian marble stucco, highlights that have made the iconic building one of Sweden's favorite spots for more than a century.

      Refined Tradition

      A remarkable entrance of fine-cut, partially polished granite welcomes guests into the embrace of this meticulously restored neo-Renaissance building. The home of the Svea Fire & Life Insurance Company in the 1880s, and the work of top architects of that era, has been transformed into a contemporary masterpiece of elegantly refined tradition by designers Christer Svensson and Lars Helling. Neo-classical highlights are spread throughout the 127-room hotel, finding expression in fine details such as Italian marble stucco arches to carefully crafted wrought-iron work that reflects the New Renaissance. Dark wood panelling covers the bar and the designers Helling and Svensson chose the material for the interior design of the hotel’s rooms as well, using it to great effect in singular columns, on doors and ceilings

      Genteel sophistication

      On the fifth floor, a dozen suites and doubles in an updated mood featuring shades of beige, cherry, and lime contrast a modern penthouse lifestyle with prime views of medieval Gothenburg.

      An air of sophistication marks the 127 rooms and suites at Elite Plaza Hotel. Although each room adopts a different palette of colors, textures, and materials. The rooms share high ceilings, spacious quarters, and distinctly genteel atmosphere. Details like richly upholstered furnishings, velvet sofas, and sumptuous bedding evoke the elegant tradition of this historic building whose pillared halls and Italian arches transport guests to a different era.

      Made by Originals
      Bicky Chakraborty

      The hotel king of Sweden, Bicky Chakraborty operates 23 hotels under the brand name Elite Hotels, the majority of which are housed in carefully restored buildings that harmoniously unite classical style with modern trends. Hailing from an upper-middle-class family in Bengal, Chakraborty headed to Sweden as a young man to study economics; it was then that he got his first taste of entrepreneurship. By securing his company as a private business, he is able to delve into social sectors such as education, sports, and healthcare. The largest private hotel operator in Sweden, Chakraborty received the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in 2008 from the president of India – the highest honor for an overseas native.

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