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      Bohemia Suites & Spa

      from USD 123 /night

      Member since 10/2010   Rooms 67   Architecture   Interior Design
      The Original Rembert Euling, Imen Euling

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      The Original Rembert Euling, Imen Euling

      —Hidden from tourist areas, this private, ocean-front property pampers with rich native materials and colors echoing Gran Canaria's raw beauty.

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      April 19, 2015 – April 21, 2015

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      • Sun Double

        • 23sqm (248sqft)
        • King Bed
        • Balcony
        • WLAN
        USD 123 /night
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      • Sun Double Garden View

        add only USD 7 /night
        • 23spm (248sqft)
        • King Bed
        • Balcony
        • WLAN
        USD 130 /night
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      • Sun Double Ocean View

        add only USD 30 /night
        • 23spm (248sqft)
        • King Bed
        • Balcony
        • Ocean View
        USD 153 /night
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      About your stay

      Bohemia Suites & Spa is a sophisticated lifestyle oasis for adults set amidst the volcanic beauty of Gran Canaria. It is a secluded, luxurious place for guests to be coddled in total peace and privacy. By transforming what was once a run-down building into a modern oceanfront hotel, the Bohemia Suites & Spa has become a place where friends can meet, share ideas, and belong. At the hotel's rooftop restaurant, a generous indoor/outdoor space, guests mingle while soaking up panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the softly undulating dunes of Maspalomas. Bohemia's 67 rooms and suites are fully integrated living spaces, where balconies and bedrooms merge seamlessly into one, rooting guests firmly in the heart of this sun-scorched volcanic island.


      Sand Asylum

      Rising above the rippling sand dunes, the new landmark Hotel Bohemia is a quiet oasis surrounded by towering volcanic peaks. The original building that stood here was constructed in the 1970s, and at that time it consisted of 115 rooms. By reducing this number to 67, owner Rembert Euling has been able to create wide-open living spaces that stretch effortlessly from inside to out. The angular vertical shutters, mirroring the rise and fall of the surrounding dunes, allow warm light into each room, casting impressions of the ocean and mountains across the walls and illuminating the fiery colors that decorate each room.


      Grand Serenity

      Complemented by lavish mahogany floors and rich, olivewood furnishings, Hotel Bohemia’s décor gives guests the sensation of being completely enveloped by nature. Tantalizing sea views provide the setting for aperitifs in the ground-floor bar, while soft flowing drapes and smooth grey stones help to soothe guests in the custom-built Siam Spa. 


      Rembert & Imen Euling

      Rembert and Imen Euling have turned their passion for discovering new places into their profession. After visiting hotels across the globe, they wondered if they would ever find a place where they didn’t feel like tourists. Surrounded by the volcanic beauty of Gran Canaria, Bohemia Suites & Spa is just such a place, a world of total peace and privacy.

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