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Richter Hotel

S Hotel Richter Moscow Russia (1)
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  • Architecture

    Artur Makarov

  • Interior design

    Artur Makarov, Serdar Yanikov, Anastasiya Efimova

  • The Originals

    Anastasiya Efimova

  • Themes

    City, Art & Culture, New Hotels

Hotel, gallery, studio, theater, and radio station, this iconic city-central mansion is Moscow’s new home base for creatives.

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Interior design Artur Makarov, Serdar Yanikov, Anastasiya Efimova

Hotel Richter Interior Design

Interior design Artur Makarov, Serdar Yanikov, Anastasiya Efimova

A mix of vintage furniture and works by top local artists infuse the property with a sense of provocation and inspiration.

Lightning by Ingo Maurer and Achille Castiglioni, as well as sofas by Mario Bellini, create an inspiring setting, while historical colors and red glass are integrated into every room.

Architecture Artur Makarov

The architects crafted a public gallery where guests discover exhibitions by today’s most important Russian artists.

The building’s original wood and plaster serves to perfectly complement decorative linens and vintage textiles.

Hotel Richter Architecture

Hotels with Happenings Secret pleasures

Richter is a hub for culture with a “Secret Room” and public spaces that bring together creatives.

The hotel regularly plays host to chamber concerts, film screenings, and lectures. A gorgeous 800-square-meter garden, featuring an inviting amphitheater, serves as an elegant escape in the heart of the city. This is Old World Moscow as seen through a creative new lens.

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Richter Hotel
Pyatnickaya str. 42
Moscow 119017

Facts & Facilities

  • Temperature today

    24°C / 75°F