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Kazan Palace by Tasigo

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  • Temperature today

    8°C / 46°F

  • Location

    • On the UNESCO World Heritage List, the thousand-year-old city of Kazan is home to the Kazan Kremlin and The Azimov Mosque, which preserve the city’s inimitable skyline. Like Istanbul, the city is a place where Europe and Asia intersect, showcasing a wealth of church belfries and minarets. Other city must-sees include the Old Tartar Settlement, an assemblage of historic timbered buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries, and The Kul Sharif Mosque, named for the imam who died in 1552 defending the city against Ivan the Terrible.

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  • Nearest airport

    • KZN - Kazan International Airport

  • Nearest train station

    • Sukonnaya Sloboda Metro Station


  • Spa & Recreation

    • An inviting spa with an indoor pool, gym, sauna, Turkish bath, steam room, and shock shower

  • Food & Drink

    • Three restaurants serving international, Asian, and European cuisine with a Turkish flair, plus a nightclub and a bar that are go-to spots for locals

  • Conference & Meetings

    • A grand ballroom and state-of-the-art meeting spaces

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