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      Hotel Teatro

      Rua Sa da Bandeira, 84, Porto, Portugal

      Member since 03/2010   Rooms 74   Architecture Eduardo Miguel Brito Nogueira   Interior Design Nini Andrade Silva
      The Original Nini Andrade Silva

      Internationally celebrated designer Nini Andrade Silva reflects the spirit of the Hotel Teatro’s spectacular roots, while conveying stylish and contemporary urbanity.

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      May 4, 2014 – May 6, 2014

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      About Your Stay
      Hotel Teatro

      In the center of the beautiful and historic Portuguese city of Porto, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hotel Teatro is an elegant innovation set in shades of bronze and gold. It was built on the site where the revered 1859 Teatro Baquet once stood. The theater, which was destroyed by fire in 1888, had been a cultural hub for Porto, not only as a vibrant center for music and performance, but also as a meeting place for the city's artists and intelligentsia. Now, 122 years later, the internationally celebrated designer Nini Andrade Silva, brings the spirit of the Teatro Baquet back to life in the Hotel Teatro. While gently guiding guests to indulge in every contemporary amenity, this unique exercise in set design and staging invites visitors to understand the historic city as it was and—thanks to its ensured preservation—as it will be. Hotel Teatro's dramatic atmosphere, its heart-of-the-action location, and its historical roots offer its guests Porto's finest.

      Nini Andrade Silva

      Hotel Teatro is also a homage to the city’s cultural heritage in theater and performance. Having been built on the site of the 1859 Teatro Baquet, in its time a cultural and social crux for the city that was eventually destroyed by fire in 1888, Silva acted faithfully and thoughtfully when prescribing the site’s new resident a theme. The Hotel Teatro not only nominally relates its premise but also reflects it in the entirety of its structure. Upon entering the hotel, and even before, guests are immediately confronted by the hotel’s focus on dramaturgy. The doors that lead into the hotel are engraved with a poem by the great Portuguese poet, Almeida Garret. Once inside, the reception desks are quasi box offices at which guests pick up their room keys.

      Interior Design
      Dramatic Opulence

      The hotel reflects its theatrical roots with stylish and contemporary urbanity. Each of Hotel Teatro’s 74 guestrooms and suites are contemporary masterpieces in exuberant shades of bronze and gold, echoing the splendor of the stage. Lavish details like sumptuous bedding and curved, canopy headboards cocoon guests in high-key comfort.

      A strong sense of drama is conveyed in both the public and private spaces. Bespoke furnishings like a cluster of chairs sits perched atop a round wooden base encircled by an over-sized film negative strip contribute to this effect, while thick, opulent curtains complete the look.

      Made by Originals
      Nini Andrade Silva

      Design ambassador of Portugal Nini Andrade Silva is an architect, artist, and award-winning designer. Silva has worked with celebrated designers in the United States, Denmark, South Africa, France, and England to perfect her own distinctive design aesthetic, playfully referred to as "ninimalist." Perhaps her strong, intense affinity towards color theory is derived from her background as a painter. ‘I like it when you walk in and go ‘wow’,” Silva explains. ‘When you walk in and don’t say ‘wow’, then my work didn’t work.’ With a talent for evoking sensation and warmth, this citizen of the world can proudly place her name alongside the biggest and brightest designers in the world. In addition to B.O.G. Hotel, she is the creative mind behind Fontana Park Hotel, The Vine, and Hotel Teatro.

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