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Castelo de Paiva

Discover our exceptional luxury boutique hotels in Castelo de Paiva

Located about 40 kilometers southwest of the city of Porto, Castelo de Paiva region of Portugal is a great place for discovering the many things to do on the Douro River. From hiking and fishing to boating and standup paddle boarding, the river is a sublime retreat for lovers of outdoor activities. Here, you are also a short hop from the Douro Wine region, one of the most mountainous and rugged wine areas in the world. Vineyards are splayed beautifully along the winding Douro, from the Spanish border to the town of Mesão Frio, about 90 kilometers upriver from Porto. The region’s narrow stone-walled vine terraces have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while elsewhere, modern terraces are wider, buttressed by steep banks of earth. Below find a list of our boutique and luxury hotels in the Castelo de Paiva region of Portugal.

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