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      Hotel Galery69

      Rooms 21   Architecture Małgorzata & Wojciech Żółtowsky   Interior Design Małgorzata & Wojciech Żółtowsky
      The Original Małgorzata & Wojciech Żółtowsky

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      Małgorzata & Wojciech Żółtowsky
      Design Małgorzata & Wojciech Żółtowsky
      The Original Małgorzata & Wojciech Żółtowsky
      —In an idyllic lake region in northeast Poland, a local artist couple have handcrafted an unique hotel-gallery.

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      Frozen over or bathed in warm sun, the lakes of northeastern Poland are consistent in their splendor. Visit during the winter and you can ice skate as snow falls gently onto the red roofs of lakeside cottages. Make the same trip in the summer and it’s easy to spend lazy days fishing, swimming or kayaking as warm breezes ripple across the surface.

      Local artists Małgosia and Wojciech Żółtowsky knew that one of this region’s lakes – Wulpińskie – would provide the perfect setting for a new kind of hotel, one which effortlessly melds art with unspoiled nature and an exhilarating mix of outdoor activities. Part showroom, part creative hangout, Hotel Galery69 is a place for dreamers, trend spotters and conscientious travelers. Aesthetically, emotionally and gastronomically, the 21-room lodge, which has its own spa and restaurant, takes inspiration from the surrounding environment. Even the furnishings are handmade to match the countryside’s natural contours. No glue, no woodchip: just lovingly crafted pieces that let you get closer to nature.

      Nearest Airport
      WAW - Warsaw Chopin Airport
      Food & Drink
      Spa & Recreation
      Boating, Hiking, Indoor & Outdoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Massage, Sauna
      Conference & Meetings
      2 meeting rooms
      Breakfast, Concierge, Parking, Room Service


      A snug fit

      In line with local building tradition, Hotel Galery69 is clad in whitened planks of timber. This, coupled with the traditional 45-degree slope of the roofline, helps the large building fit snugly among the smaller farmhouses and cottages of the surrounding village. The location on the lakeside lends itself to epic views of the water and sky, and all around the hotel – from the bedrooms to the multifunctional loft space, a favorite hangout among artists and creative types – rural scenery is welcomed in through wide glazed panels.


      Antidote to all things kitsch

      Handmade and natural, the interiors at Hotel Galery69 are the antidote to all things kitsch and disposable. Małgosia and Wojciech Żółtowsky handcrafted furnishings for their lakeside hotel made from natural materials. The couple’s designs are modern – they’re daring and personal interpretations of a lake-speckled landscape – but never so bold as to detract from the region’s natural charm. Furniture found throughout the building is available for sale under their label, Manufaktura69.


      Małgosia and Wojciech Żółtowsky

      Untroubled by trends, Małgosia and Wojciech Żółtowsky design unique furnishings that are made to last. Everything they produce is handmade in their workshop. “Following one's own path is a luxury,” they say. As artists, Małgosia and Wojciech have a strong urge to exhibit their work and hotel Galery69 – their showroom – provides a place for them to thrive. It’s a multifunctional area that allows them to show off their artwork, experiment with new ideas and introduce visitors to a part of Poland they have always loved. In many ways, hotel Galery69 was their dream project, and it remains their manifesto for the future.

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