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Hotel Arena

S Hotel Arena Amsterdam The Netherlands
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  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant and bar

  • Conference & Meetings

    7 meeting rooms for up to 200 people.

  • Architecture

    Adrianus Bleijs

  • Interior design


  • The Originals

    Paul Hermanides

  • Themes

    City, Food & Drink, History

  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant and bar

  • Conference & Meetings

    7 meeting rooms for up to 200 people.

Behold a reanimated landmark in the city’s new-spirited East, a study in hyperlocal art, a culinary draw, and a design-focused springboard for exploration.

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Architecture Adrianus Bleijs

Hotel Arena Architecture (1)

Architecture Adrianus Bleijs

The first stone was laid in 1886...

but the architect soon ran into financial troubles and wasn’t able to complete the plans as intended. After Paul Hermanides took over the project in 1992, the last two wings comprised the final puzzle pieces of the original. The structure has assumed a number of socially minded identities in its time and today is a blissful union of old and new.

Interior design Tank

Oak wood, marble, cast iron, and natural stone provide a feeling of permanence inside the hotel.

Many ceilings tilt to harness natural light that spills in through large windows, illuminating vintage and bespoke furnishings—including pieces by Zuiver, Moooi, HK living, Ferm Living, and Kave Home. The hotel’s gallery space has showcased names such as Teo Krijgsman, Max Kraanen, Marjolein Blom, and Tim Hoekstra to date.

Hotel Arena Interior Design

The Originals Paul Hermanides

“There are only two days a year when you can’t do anything: yesterday and tomorrow. So live today and love the here and now.”

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Hotel Arena The Originals

Hotels with Happenings A hub of happenings

Hotel Arena Theme Box 2 Events

Hotels with Happenings A hub of happenings

Art, community, and commercial events abound.

Thanks to an abundance of event space, the hotel plays host to a number of community-driven get-togethers from spring markets to monthly exhibitions in the gallery space. The concierge also has a wealth of knowledge concerning the goings-on around town, from concerts to restaurant openings and beyond.​

Reborn & Converted Wonders History in the Making

A building with a socially minded history.

Built in 1886 as the Sint Elisabeth Gesticht orphanage for catholic girls, the structure was then occupied by the German Nazis from 1944 until the liberation in 1945, and then became a nursing home for the elderly, a care home for people with dementia, and a “sleep-in” for people experiencing homelessness. Before becoming Hotel Arena in 1992, the building also hosted the International Youth Center for Culture and Tourism from 1992.

Hotel Arena Theme Box 1 Historical Buildings
Hotel Arena Theme Box 03 Food And Drink

Food & Drink Parkside pleasure

It’s easy to feel as if a meal or a drink at the hotel’s Bar/Restaurant is a movable feast at Hotel Arena.

An assortment of culinary pleasures, care of Chef Evergreen, can be enjoyed at a table dressed in white linen, on a beautiful terrace overlooking the park, or in an armchair by the fireplace. Often colorful, always surprising and delicious, the chef’s creations are not to be missed, especially when accompanied by one of the many fine wines on hand.




Hotel Arena
's-Gravesandestraat 55
Amsterdam 1092 AA

Facts & Facilities

  • Temperature today

    13°C / 56°F