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      How can you not fall in love with a place whose nickname is “the land of eternal spring”? Cuernavaca, that spa-filled land of spiritual sites, stunning gardens, and eye-opening palaces, villas, and haciendas, is just 102 kilometers (63 miles) south of Mexico City but feels a world away. Here, traditional markets offer precious stones mined from the surrounding Tepozteco Mountains, while abundant vegetation puts one in the mind of a pastoral paradise. If it were a hotel Cuernavaca would be the kind of place well-heeled Mexico City residents check into and never leave.

      Truth is, there are quite a number of people here on a language study or cultural sabbatical. The institutes of learning or art attract many an American and keep Cuernavaca hotels busy. Increased traffic is certainly a byproduct of this city’s success, but no one ever said bliss should be experienced alone.

      Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury properties—your hotel Cuernavaca!

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      Flor de Mayo Hotel & Restaurant

      , Mexico

      Allow your senses to flourish at the Flor de Mayo Hotel and Restaurant in Cuernavaca, where form follows nature. It’s a garden of exuberance at the intersection of flora, architecture, and design.

      from USD 126 /night