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      Via Mario Lupo, 6, Bergamo, Italy

      Member since 06/2010   Rooms 13   Architecture DEDALO SRL   Interior Design Giò Pozzi
      The Original Galeotti Nadia

      Situated at the intersection of two ancient Roman roads, the GombitHotel is a destination for cultural and epicurean exploration.

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      April 27, 2014 – April 29, 2014

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      About Your Stay

      Bordered on one side by the Italian Alps, the medieval walled “cittá alta” of Bergamo boasts a lively community of artisans, exceptional regional cuisine, and beautifully preserved historic monuments. Among these is the 13th-century Tower of Gombit, a symbol of both the city's antiquity and its contemporary revival, which has seamlessly integrated with the GombitHotel. Having chosen this symbolic address as a physical link to the city's remarkable past, owner and Bergamo native Nadia Galeotti envisions the hotel as a setting for creative exchange, a platform for local artists, and a space for cultural discovery. The GombitHotel's interiors lighten the austerity of its stonewall aesthetic with hints of surreal artistry. Bright red books adorn the ceiling leading to the library nook, while sculptures, such as bundles of rolled manuscripts, are nestled within the ancient walls' crevices. With thirteen distinctive guestrooms and a daily regional breakfast, the GombitHotel is an intimate sanctuary that promises exceptional hospitality, contemporary elegance, and a distinctly creative spirit.

      The defining note

      The GombitHotel’s architectural heritage is its defining characteristic, with the Torre del Gombito referenced throughout the hotel’s interior. In renovating the medieval structure, great care was taken to preserve seemingly mundane elements of its former incarnations. Local artist Steven Cavagna, whose work is found in each of the hotel’s rooms, incorporated bits of wires, bolts and screws that were salvaged during renovation into his compositions, creating assemblages that oscillate between the meditative and the whimsical. In homage to the hotel’s historic shell, the building’s original 13th century stonewalls and handsomely carved wooden ceiling beams are exposed throughout its interior, creating a prosaic canvas for designer Gio Pozzi’s selection of contemporary furnishings.

      Interior Design
      Contemporary refinement, historical symbolism and personalized luxury

      Inviting seating areas and workstations are comfortably tucked away on one side of each suite. In the hotel’s two mezzanine suites, divided between an upper and lower floor, these areas are lit in part by a skylight that frames the ancient tower’s ascent above the hotel’s roof. Plush velveteen fabrics comprise the textiles found in each suite, adding to their overall comfort and warmth. 

      Employing a mostly monochromatic color scheme in keeping with the building’s existing aesthetic, interior designer Gio Pozzi chose shades of light brown, flax and muted grays as her primary tones. Original wooden ceilings aged hundreds of years create a monastic ambience that Pozzi complemented with her choice of textiles, primarily handmade lightweight linens in unostentatious earth tones.

      Finding Infinity
      Our Creative Past

      For native Nadia Galeotti, building a hotel in Bergamo, Italy, a medieval, walled city, close to the Lombard lakes and the ski resorts of Northern Italy, was a natural fit. It allowed her to marry her passion for creating stunning contemporary luxury with the handiwork and craftsmanship of the past. Taken together, they create a roadmap for sustainability-minded hotels of the future.

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      Made by Originals
      Nadia Galeotti

      Nadia Galeotti is an impassioned guardian of the artistic legacy of Bergamo, her native city. A respected entrepreneur with a history in construction, Galeotti chose to open her first hotel in the northern Italian city as both a luxury destination and a forum for creative connoisseurship. With an eye to the promotion and support of local artists, Galeotti set out to create a receptive structure of prestige in the historical center of Bergamo, exploiting the strengths of the location without altering its distinctive characteristics. Galeotti's partnerships with local galleries and book publishers strengthen GombitHotel's commitment to the cultural community of Bergamo, a thriving heritage that Galeotti looks forward to sharing with her guests.

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