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      Tunwar ji ka Jhalara, Makrana Mohalla, Jodhpur, India

      Member since 06/2010   Rooms 39   Architecture Lotus Design Services   Interior Design Rajiv Majumdar (PRAXIS)
      The Original Nikhilendra Singh

      Experience Jodhpur's breathtaking Walled City amid tranquil exoticism blended with the lustrous trappings of nobility and a localized, earthy luxury.

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      May 1, 2014 – May 4, 2014

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      About Your Stay

      With its sensational position beneath Jodhpur's imposing Mehrangarh Fort, RAAS is the only luxury boutique hotel within an Indian walled city, embodying class with a rare and understated elegance. By grafting contemporary architecture and ambience onto a 300-year-old mansion, brothers Nikhilendra and Dhananajaya Singh have reclaimed, indeed enhanced, its grandeur. A nuanced harmony permeates the hotel's 32-room, 7-suite grounds. Striking views from the balcony of each room mean guests are privy to the exotic rhythms and color of Jodhpur. At the same time, they can find recluse in the Mogul-style terraced gardens, the secluded infinity pool, and the assorted spa treatments inspired by Ayurveda. ‘Jodhpur is similar to Jerusalem or Marrakech: you're not just a passive witness, you're immersed,’ says RAAS cofounder Nikhilendra Singh. By offsetting the city's raw, bustling charms with unparalleled tranquility, the hotel is a place of pilgrimage for those in search of relaxation and reflection.

      At One with History

      Only natives of Jodhpur could have had the temerity to attempt a project such as RAAS. But it also takes a native to get the balance just right when it comes to affording guests privacy, which they get in the hotel’s Mogul-style terraced gardens, and making them feel a part of this exotic city, as they do from their balconies.

      Co-owner Dhananajaya Singh’s role as a conservationist of Jodhpur directly informed the meticulously sympathetic restoration of the heritage buildings and his intuitive grasp of its environs ensured continuity. ‘Approaching the 500-year-old fort on foot from the RAAS embeds you directly in the fabric of history,” says Singh. ‘Guests look out at the city with a sense of kinship.’

      Interior Design
      Balance and Power

      Co-owner Nikhilendra Singh’s personal stewardship of the design process has resulted in a seamless fusion of antiquity, innovative technology, and ecological sustainability. “Jodhpur’s artisans are amongst India’s best,” he explains. ‘The latticework we opted for was much more contemporary than their traditional fare, yet they got it just right.’

      Features such as the urbane mid-century leather furniture and lustrously sable terrazzo floors allow RAAS to bask in an assured self-confidence; its older buildings countervailed and uplifted by such juxtapositions. Rather than a remote, sterile gated community, the hotel is inextricably linked with its surroundings, which makes for a peerlessly cohesive stay.

      Made by Originals
      Nikhilendra & Dhananajaya Singh

      His status as cousin to the local Maharaja places him squarely in Rajasthan’s upper tier, but what really propels Nikhilendra Singh to the top of the A-list is RAAS retreat, positioned beneath Jodhpur's imposing Mehrangarh Fort. The luxury boutique hotel embodies a rare and understated elegance. His brother Dhananajaya, a Cambridge graduate and author, secured the purchase of RAAS, while Nikhilendra brought decades of hospitality experience from his days as a globetrotting director of an events company. Together, when it comes to seamlessly instilling luxury within a world of antiquity, the brothers form an unbeatable team.

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