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      Member since 06/2003   Rooms 128   Architecture Jordan Mozer and Associates   Interior Design Jordan Mozer and Associates
      The Original Christoph Strenger

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      Member since
      Jordan Mozer and Associates
      Design Jordan Mozer and Associates
      The Original Christoph Strenger

      —Mind-blowing extravagance—futuristic, curving forms and bright tones—come alive in this East meets West, old meets new Hamburg superstar.

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      May 31, 2015 – June 2, 2015

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      About your stay

      Since its opening in a former iron foundry situated in Hamburg's famed St. Pauli entertainment district, east has evolved into its own cosmos. Chicago-based architect-designer Jordan Mozer created an ornate environment with floor-to-ceiling curtains, handmade furnishings, and wrought-iron fixtures, all illuminated by candlelight. Bright tones, curved forms, and subtle references to Eastern culture are complemented by the textures of natural fabrics and leather. At the center of it all, the three-story Eurasian restaurant and lounge space never fails to elicit impressed gasps from first-time visitors. Four pillars tower from the ground to the top floor, while dramatic lighting illuminates parts of the original exposed-brick foundation. But the focus is not only on the visual design: the use of scent creates instantly recognizable identities for each area of the hotel—ginger, cinnamon, tangerine, jasmine, and lotus—a lasting experience for all five senses.

      Nearest Airport
      HAM - Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport
      Food & Drink
      Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
      Spa & Recreation
      Health Club, Massage, Sauna
      Conference & Meetings
      12 meeting rooms
      Complimentary WiFi
      Breakfast, Concierge, Handicap Parking, Room Service


      Jordan Mozer

      Star-architect Jordan Mozer unleashes his signature narrative architecture and unmistakable organic design in Hamburg’s swankiest address. Certainly one of the city’s most daring projects, east features 127 rooms, lofts, and suites organized in a donut-like plan around a restaurant with 28-foot-tall doors opening onto a courtyard. According to the architect, the design was inspired by the old foundry and the forms of the cast iron objects produced there, by the alloy of contemporary Eastern and Western cultures, by the memory fragments of surreal first-trips to Asia, and by a deep appreciation for the Eastern recognition of a spiritual essence in nature. "East has been an amazing opportunity to invent a magical reality,” he says with the pride of a magician who has just pulled off his greatest trick.

      Interior Design

      Future Perfect

      At east, spaces are draped in resplendent floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains, decorated with handmade furnishings and wrought-iron fixtures, and illuminated by candlelight. The Asian accents complement the textures of soft, natural fabrics and supple pebble-grain leather, while in the open plan bathrooms, Thai-inspired, brushed-aluminum sinks seem to levitate above the washstands.

      Made by Originals

      Christoph Strenger

      Christoph Strenger has made a lot of noise in the culinary world. Strenger runs more than 20 high-concept eateries throughout northern Germany with his company, Gastro Consulting. The 53-year-old restaurateur recently expanded the east COSMOS by adding two restaurant concepts, coast and clouds. In planning east’s restaurants, bars, and lounges, with Anne-Marie Bauer and Marc Ciunis, Strenger, who has a sharp eye for design, took his inspiration from the Buddha Bar, in Paris, and Ian Schrager’s philosophy of integrating hotels with lifestyle-gastronomy. Little surprise then that east serves as a prime draw for media people and other creatives.

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