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      25hours Hotel Number One

      Altona, Hamburg, Germany

      Member since 06/2003   Rooms 128   Architecture   Interior Design Dreimeta
      The Original Kai Hollmann

      Get your groove on in a Hamburg that’s awash in neon colors, retro-design, and club-cool chic.

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      April 27, 2014 – April 29, 2014

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      About Your Stay
      25hours Hotel Number One bedroom

      The eye-popping candy colors and inviting communal spaces throughout 25hours Hotel Hamburg Number One create a playful atmosphere equally suited to relaxation and revelry. Sixties and seventies-inspired design details begin with a dramatic metal-studded reception desk, hand-tufted pile rugs from Kasthall, and curved geometrical shapes in varying shades of pink, red, and orange. Located in the western part of the city at Otto von Bahrenpark, this laid-back, moderately priced hotel offers up communal spaces that encourage guests to meet and mingle, while families of up to four may share one of the specially created XL-Family rooms. 

      Pretty in Pink

      Surprise, seduction, and vigor are the basis of the 25hours hotel's concept. The entryway here is a stark and wild welcome that is echoed in the building’s façade: a gun-metal and pink showcase that harkens the lively and spirited to come forth and make merry. Even your own arrival catches you pleasantly off-guard: 420 convex chrome mirrors stud the black, curved reception desk, reflecting your entrance manifold. Public areas are dipped in warm pinks, reds, and oranges, while guestrooms are cool retreats resplendent in pale blues or watery greens. 

      Interior Design
      Bold & Beautiful

      Design firm 3Meta held nothing back at 25Hours Hotel Number One, creating spaces that encourage its young clientele to communicate with one another. Low lounge seats by Zanotta and the spiraling flicker of disco balls transport guests to another era, while the Tiki vibe of the retro rooftop offers the ideal spot to soak up the sun or enjoy a cocktail.

      Made by Originals
      Stephan Gerhard, Ardi Goldman, Christoph Hoffmann & Kai Hollmann

      The vanguard 25hours Hotel Company returns the tradition of the grand old hotel to contemporary form with its inventive, made-to-measure ‘budget-de-luxe hotels with freshly interpreted service’ where the staff maintains a concierge-level attentiveness, while invoking a laidback, authentic atmosphere. Each 25hours hotel tells a story via design concepts built from organic narratives inspired by the hotel’s location, as well as pure imagination. Ardi Goldman is their resident visionary, from real estate development down to the finest detail of décor; Stephan Gerhard keeps his sharp Swabian eye turned to the numbers; Kai Hollmann is the grand seigneur of Hamburg’s hospitality industry, and CEO Christoph Hoffmann claims the title of unwitting captain of their cunning fleet.

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