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      The Pure

      Rooms 50   Architecture Scharnberger Architekten   Interior Design Rosen Architekten
      The Original Alex Urseanu, Micky Rosen

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      Scharnberger Architekten
      Design Rosen Architekten
      The Original Alex Urseanu, Micky Rosen
      —Capture downtown Frankfurt's open-minded, cosmopolitan spirit in a chic, fashion-forward design of marble-meets-leather-meets nightlife supreme.

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      The Pure

      A completely renovated loft in the heart of Frankfurt, The Pure captures the city's cosmopolitan spirit. Here, amidst light-colored materials such as white leather, Thassos marble, and light gray floors, guests relax in a welcoming, family atmosphere. The harmonious public space with lobby, bar, and more, reinterprets the feeling of hominess, a concept that is emphasized by the work of artist Stefan Strumbel, who explores what ‘home’ means to different people. Lighting and music add ambience that changes throughout the day—soft illumination and tunes in the morning give way to an oasis full of energy with vibrant orange visual effects by night. Outfitted with oversize Fatboy beanbags, fountains, and bamboo, The Pure's patio effortlessly extends the communal space, while guestrooms offer clean-lined furnishings, light fabrics, and high ceilings, which are warmed by glossy African zebrawood and oak parquet. The result is, of course, Pure style.

      Nearest Airport
      FRA - Frankfurt International Airport
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      Bar & Lounge
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      Massage, Sauna
      Complimentary WiFi
      Breakfast, Concierge, Late Check-out, Parking

      Rooms & Suites

      A 19th-century loft in the heart of Frankfurt, The Pure was renovated to create a sense of openness emphasized by clean-line furnishings, light fabrics, high ceilings from which custom-made plissé lampshades are suspended, and bathtubs partially enclosed by glass. High-gloss African zebrawood and oak parquet offset white elements lending balance and warmth. Preferring reduced clarity to unnecessary additives, the hotels’ design and overall concept remain true to it name, winning it the World Hotel Award in the “true stylish” category.

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      A Pure Eye

      The choice to use exclusively light colors and materials at The Pure allows the building and its structures to recede into the background, and directs the focus to the energy and activity within the space. Lighting and music are skillfully implemented to enhance the experience. The Pure Patio, meanwhile, is an extension of this communicative space. Its Timbertech decking is outfitted with stairs designed for comfortable sitting rather than climbing, while the lobby, the breakfast room, the bar, and the lounge form a harmonic open space fittingly known as the ‘Living Room’.


      Home Beautiful

      The idea of space without borders and a sense of openness are emphasized by clean-lined furnishings, light fabrics, and high ceilings. If this is not one’s idea of home, it soon becomes so during one’s stay, where the notion of hominess quickly evolves.


      Micky Rosen & Alex Urseanu

      For well over a decade, Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu have set an aesthetic and entrepreneurial benchmark in their native Frankfurt, a city driven by finance and tradition. As pioneers in their hometown’s hospitality scene and partners since the early 2000s, they are known for transforming underused spaces into irresistible hotspots. A trained hotelier, Micky Rosen is also an astute gastronome and was voted one of the Influential People of the Year by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in 2006 and 2007. Prior to founding Gekko Management with Rosen, Alex Urseanu held positions at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel and Kempinski Gravenbruch in the Frankfurt area, as well as Sheraton in Tel Aviv.

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