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      25hours Hotel The Goldman

      from USD 70 /night

      Member since 09/2006   Rooms 97   Architecture Alexander Bernjus, Hathumar Gisbertz   Interior Design Michael Dreher, Delphine Buhro
      The Original Christoph Hoffmann, Kai Hollmann, Ardi Goldman, Stephan Gerhard

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      Member since
      Alexander Bernjus, Hathumar Gisbertz
      Design Michael Dreher, Delphine Buhro
      The Original Christoph Hoffmann, Kai Hollmann, Ardi Goldman, Stephan Gerhard

      —International eclectic design styles, outlandish creative storytelling, and vintage furnishings bring hipness and a touch of celebrity to Frankfurt.

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      May 29, 2015 – May 31, 2015

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      • M-Room

        • 22sqm (236 sqft)
        • Individually furnished
        • Queen or Twin bed
        • Free Wi-Fi
        USD 70 /night
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        • 22sqm (237sqft)
        • Queen Bed
        • City View
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        • 28sqm (301 sqft)
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      About your stay

      25hours Hotel The Goldman

      A repurposed hotel in Frankfurt's bustling Ostend district, 25hours Hotel The Goldman is both a hideaway and a local hotspot. Influenced and inspired by the diversity of "Mainhattan" (that’s Frankfurt am Main) and the aesthetics of the UN Headquarters in New York, designers Delphine Buhro and Michael Dreher created a homey boutique hideout displaying a flamboyant mix of details. Each of the seven floors has its own consistent color scheme, and the 97 guestrooms are individually designed around local and international celebrities whose personal stories are expressed in the rooms. Guests get a never-ending variety of vintage eclecticism, and the themed rooms—like the Princess, Paris, and Casino rooms—add to the sense of fun. The Mediterranean-influenced Goldman Restaurant, meanwhile, provides the perfect social outlet, making the hotel a must for the city’s style-conscious natives and a home base for young business travelers who appreciate individuality.

      Nearest Airport
      FRA - Frankfurt International Airport
      Food & Drink
      Restaurant , Bar & Lounge
      Spa & Recreation
      Conference & Meetings
      2 meeting rooms
      Complimentary WiFi


      Bernjus Gisbertz

      Sometimes great new stories come from dressing up the old ones. That’s what the architectural firm bernjus.gisbertz has done at 25Hours Hotel The Goldman, adorning an existing building, the old Henninger Hof, with a stunning new façade that marries high-polished glamor with just a hint of naughty pleasure. Rarely does a hotel use space to draw you in as this one does. An interconnected lobby, lounge, restaurant and bar give a feeling of transparency to the entire ground floor, while a living room with its own private patio emphasizes a free-flowing environment. And it all leads one upward on a journey of creative beguilement to guestrooms stacked on seven floors, each with a ‘godfather’, a local notable, whose story is expressed by the room, giving guests a sense of Frankfurt’s cosmopolitan nature.


      Frankfurt Flair

      For 25Hours Hotel The Goldman, Delphine Buhro and Michael Dreher have created hypnotic spaces, each with its own color scheme. All rooms display an exceptional mix of high quality design—lamps from Flos, furnishings by Swedish brand Snowcrash and fabrics by mfta and Romo—and individually picked vintage objects to provide a balance of timelessness and hipness—style with staying power.


      Stephan Gerhard, Ardi Goldman, Christoph Hoffmann & Kai Hollmann

      The vanguard 25hours Hotel Company returns the tradition of the grand old hotel to contemporary form with its inventive, made-to-measure ‘budget-de-luxe hotels with freshly interpreted service’ where the staff maintains a concierge-level attentiveness, while invoking a laidback, authentic atmosphere. Each 25hours hotel tells a story via design concepts built from organic narratives inspired by the hotel’s location, as well as pure imagination. Ardi Goldman is their resident visionary, from real estate development down to the finest detail of décor; Stephan Gerhard keeps his sharp Swabian eye turned to the numbers; Kai Hollmann is the grand seigneur of Hamburg’s hospitality industry, and CEO Christoph Hoffmann claims the title of unwitting captain of their cunning fleet.

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