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      25hours Hotel by Levi's

      Bahnhofsviertel, Frankfurt, Germany

      Member since 01/2008   Rooms 76   Architecture Karl Dudler   Interior Design
      The Original Christoph Hoffmann, Kai Hollmann, Ardi Goldman, Stephan Gerhard

      Slip into this one-of-a-kind hotel, dedicated entirely to Levi Strauss and the famous blue jeans that made American pop culture famous.

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      April 18, 2014 – April 20, 2014

      • M-Room

        • 21sqm (226sqft)
        • Queen Bed
        • Free Wi-Fi
        • Air conditioning
        USD 93 /night
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      • Bunk bed-Room

        Bunk bed-Room

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        • 25sqm
        • Bunk bed
        • Free Wi-Fi
        • Air conditioning
        USD 105 /night
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      • L-Room

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        • 25qm (269sqft)
        • Queen bed
        • Additional seating
        • Free Wi-Fi
        USD 105 /night
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      About Your Stay

      The unlikely-yet-exciting collaboration between the German 25hours hotel group and the classic American brand Levi’s is the result of Frankfurt real-estate fate. The two companies independently leased adjacent buildings in Frankfurt's Main Station district. As good neighbors do, they started talking, and a lifestyle hotel began to take shape. Fittingly-sized M, L, and XL, 76 distinctive guestrooms were kitted out in inviting shades of blue. Each of the six floors is dedicated to a different decade of the twentieth century, evoked through the use of varying color palettes, furniture, and music, with a special emphasis on the rock 'n' roll era most often associated with the iconic jeans brand. Elements of American popular culture are incorporated throughout, and the Chez IMA restaurant, with its fresh, light interiors and cuisine, round out 25hours' commitment to making guests feel absolutely comfortable … as if they've slipped into the perfect pair of jeans. 

      Karl Dudler

      Housed in a former office building revamped by architect Karl Dudler, the hotel boasts an exterior of clean lines, simple forms, and chrome accents. The result of Dudler’s efforts is the perfect tableau upon which to tell the story of Levi Strauss and how blue jeans transformed fashion and, in many ways, America itself. 25hours Hotel By Levi's can be seen as an homage to the culture and style of the 1930s to 1980s, with each of the six floors crafted in a way that best showcases a decade. The unifying theme, of course, is ‘blue jeans’, with all 71 guest rooms and five extra-large studios decked out in different shades of blue, from cobalt to azure, indigo to turquoise. 

      Blue Dreams

      Inventive color palettes abound—and astound—at Frankfurt’s 25hours Hotel By Levi’s, where designers have the courage to smash green against orange and pink against yellow, creating a rainbow of wonderment and joy.

      Contemporary designers Michael Dreher and Delphine Buhro seamlessly use furniture, fashion, and music to bring to life the America of yesterday in the Frankfurt of today. Take a seat at this retro table next to blue jeans on a hook and a Police poster on the wall and you’ll swear you’ve stepped through a portal to the past.

      Stephan Gerhard, Ardi Goldman, Christoph Hoffmann & Kai Hollmann

      The vanguard 25hours Hotel Company returns the tradition of the grand old hotel to contemporary form with its inventive, made-to-measure ‘budget-de-luxe hotels with freshly interpreted service’ where the staff maintains a concierge-level attentiveness, while invoking a laidback, authentic atmosphere. Each 25hours hotel tells a story via design concepts built from organic narratives inspired by the hotel’s location, as well as pure imagination. Ardi Goldman is their resident visionary, from real estate development down to the finest detail of décor; Stephan Gerhard keeps his sharp Swabian eye turned to the numbers; Kai Hollmann is the grand seigneur of Hamburg’s hospitality industry, and CEO Christoph Hoffmann claims the title of unwitting captain of their cunning fleet.

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