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      Cosmo Hotel Berlin Mitte

      Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany

      Member since 07/2009   Rooms 84   Architecture SEHW Architekten   Interior Design Duka Design, 3Deluxe-biorhythm
      The Original Gösta Gassmann

      The hotel epitomizes the flavor of contemporary Berlin: a juxtaposition between light, inviting spaces and the gritty, insular underground scene.

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      May 4, 2014 – May 6, 2014

      • Standard

        • 19 to 22sqm (205 to 237sqft)
        • King Bed
        • Air Conditioning
        • Shower
        USD 129 /night
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      • Comfort

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        • 23 to 28sqm (248 to 301sqft)
        • 2 Twin Beds or Double Bed
        • Air Conditioning
        • Shower
        USD 149 /night
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        • 30 to 32sqm (323 to 344sqft)
        • King Bed
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        USD 165 /night
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      About Your Stay
      Cosmo Hotel Berlin Mitte

      Cosmo Hotel Berlin Mitte offers both a sanctuary and starting point for cosmopolitan lifestyle-addicts who visit the German capital to soak up its rich cultural life, but also want a comfortable and invigorating place to take a load off at the end of the day. The hotel, situated in the hip Mitte district, is also an ever-evolving hub of cultural activity where artists, architects, designers, and other creatives continually redefine their city and regularly launch international trends. From Ottmar Pohl-Hoffbauer’s elegant and timeless scent restaurant, specializing in local dishes made from sustainable and organic ingredients, to 84 minimalist rooms and relaxation spaces, Cosmo offers cosmopolitan citizens personal attention and access to the best of real Berlin.

      SEHW Berlin

      Light and darkness, transparency and opacity, smooth curves contrasted with sharp edges—these are the nuts and bolts of the Cosmo Hotel. Cool glass and shifting lights partition spaces intended to ignite guests’ curiosity. Individualized lounge spaces, relaxation chambers, smoking lounges, and reading rooms invite guests to wander. Cosmo offers plentiful meeting points and office space for those guests who wish to use the hotel as a hub from which to conduct their business affairs, as well as a few places to enjoy a cocktail.

      Warmth with a Cool Edge of Sophistication

      Shades of chocolate melting into slate, cream and robust mustards vary between each room, constructing an overall sensation of comfort and conviviality that, when contrasted with the brilliant, floor to ceiling illumination and cool, sharp lines of the furniture, translate to pure sophistication.

      Smooth parquet flooring or elegant carpeting line the floors of each room, sculpted by the crisp angles of exquisitely designed furniture and adornments that highlight welcomingly lit spaces.

      Gösta Gassmann

      Originally from Stuttgart, Gösta Gassmann is the son of Karl Friedrich, one of Playa de las Americas's hotel pioneers. In 1998 he opened the Ocean Drive Ibiza, one of the first members of Design Hotels™. Attracted by the dynamic growth and international flavor of the German capital, Gassmann opened the Cosmo Hotel in Berlin's Mitte district in early 2010. Today, Gösta Gassmann manages a total of nine hotels scattered throughout Germany and Spain in collaboration with his brother Axel.

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