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Val Thorens

Discover our exceptional luxury boutique hotels in Val Thorens

In a world that loves superlatives—biggest, fastest, newest—it may excite some to hear that Val Thorens, in the French Alps, is the highest ski resort in Europe. But to celebrate this big fact is to miss the many little ones that make a hotel Val Thorens stay a truly special experience. For starters, Val Thorens is among the hippest ski resorts on the planet—it has a great reputation among a young international crowd of skiers and snowboarders, folks who come not only for the 150 kilometers of pistes, but for a revitalized dining scene. And of course there’s also the lively nightlife, including Val Thorens’ high-energy bars—most famously Folie Douce, with its international DJs and tireless partiers. Skiing, dining, partying, a great hotel—Val Thorens can certainly add “best” to its superlatives list. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury properties in Val Thorens.

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