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      Hôtel Sezz Saint-Tropez

      Route des Salins, 151, Saint-Tropez, France

      Member since 09/2009   Rooms 37   Architecture Studio Ory   Interior Design Christophe Pillet
      The Original Christophe Pillet, Shahe Kaladjian

      A movable feast

      After making their mark in Paris, Shahe Kalaidjian and his design partner Christophe Pillet brought grandeur, elegance and a whole bunch of champagne to their new Sezz hotel on the Côte d’Azur.

      Beirut-born, British-educated Armenian Shahe Kalaidjian and French designer and former Philippe Starck student Christophe Pillet have known each other for many years. With the opening of their first collaboration, Hotel Sezz in Paris in 2005, they paved the way for what was to come in 2010: the first sophisticated and stylish vacation retreat in St. Tropez. And if the hotel's Dom Pérignon Bar is not enough for lifestyle aficionados, a restaurant by triple Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire is another major draw.

      Entering the Sezz is not like going into someone’s home; it is going into someone’s world.


      Pillet sums up the experience and takes the chance to describe his friend and "partner in crime": “Entering the Sezz is not like going into someone’s home; it is going into someone’s world. But this someone is very particular. He has an imagination, a set of values, a way of perceiving the world.” A mix of brains and brawn, Kalaidjian, who also happens to be a trained chef, pâtissier and an avid polo player, always knew he wanted to be a hotelier. 

      Though Sezz has found its new home in Saint-Tropez, it may not be its last. “I don’t see myself doing X number of hotels a year or even one a year,” says Kalaidjian. “I like to be more hands-on, more involved in the details.” But he adds, “We’ll see,” and that’s enough to keep us holding our breath."

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