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      Hôtel Sezz Saint-Tropez

      Route des Salins, 151, Saint-Tropez, France

      Member since 09/2009   Rooms 37   Architecture Studio Ory   Interior Design Christophe Pillet
      The Original Christophe Pillet, Shahe Kaladjian

      Relax in a distinctive Provencal design and lush wooded park near the beach and Saint-Tropez, your own personal assistant on call.

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      April 21, 2014 – April 24, 2014

      • Bungalow

        • 30m2 Queen bed features shower, bathtub, outdoor shower and 20m2 private terrace and garden. ?
        USD 359 /night
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      • Cocoon

        add only USD 138 /night
        • 40m2 Queen bed features shower, bathtub, outdoor shower and 20m2 private terrace and garden. ?
        USD 497 /night
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      • Villa with pool

        Villa with pool

        add only USD 1713 /night
        • 90m2 King bedroom and a Queen bedroom, each one comprises a shower and a bathtub, a large living room, outdoor shower, plunge pool, private garden and a terrace surrounding the villa. ?
        USD 2072 /night
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      About Your Stay

      In the heart of the French Riviera, the beautiful town of Saint-Tropez has come to be known for rows of private yachts lining the quay and a stream of movie stars. It is the region's natural beauty that attracts them, of course. Here, Shahe Kalaidjian and Christophe Pillet have crafted their beautiful second collaboration. With their first—Hôtel Sezz Paris in the city's 16th arrondissement—they developed a language of their own. In Saint-Tropez, they translate it from an urban lexicon into one that exudes the ultimate in luxury vacation. Situated on the town's Route des Salins, the hotel is built of light and air—guests can smell and feel saltwater and warm breezes from their beds. With 37 elegantly-appointed guestrooms and villas engulfed by a lush wooded park and a swimming pool at its hub, Sezz Saint-Tropez is as warm and inviting as it is fresh creative vision.

      Jean-Jacques Ory

      On the fabulous Golfe de Saint-Tropez, celebrated designer Christophe Pillet and hotelier extraordinaire Shahe Kalaidjian’s Hôtel Sezz Saint-Tropez rises from the ruins of a former 3-star hotel. Architect Jean-Jacques Ory developed the elegant structure in accordance with international ecological building practice. Sezz shines new light on the regional tradition of luxury resorts. Naturally fortressed by a verdant private garden, the hotel focuses on a dynamic central swimming pool that is surrounded by lounge furniture designed by Pillet. The rich greens of the surrounding gardens, meanwhile, breathe life into the hotel’s curvaceous and graceful design.

      Interior Design
      Christophe Pillet

      Pillet’s distinctive style is present in every corner and crevice. Each of the rooms, suites, and villas are unique expressions of Hôtel Sezz Saint-Tropez’s overarching aesthetic theme, sprinkled with surprises. The extravagant mustards of the carpets and linens and the reds of the light fixtures highlight the subdued palette of local materials.

      Christophe Pillet, who trained under Philippe Starck, maintains material consistency throughout the hotel. And with views peering outwards into what seems like endless layers of deep greenery, guests can experience the region’s beauty while indulging in the ultimate in relaxation and seclusion.

      Made by Originals
      Shahe Kalaidjian & Christophe Pillet

      An avid polo player and classically trained hotelier, Beirut-born, British-educated Shahe Kalaidjian is a mix of brains and brawn. French designer Christophe Pillet, a protégé of celebrated stone and chrome devotee Philippe Starck, has made a name for himself working with powerhouse designers while running his own studio out of Paris. With Hotel Sezz, Kalaidjian and Pillet have created a place where elegance and sophistication are the rule, and space and service are incomparable.

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