Safe & Flexible

Safe & Flexible

161 hotels worldwide
Complimentary last-minute changes or cancellation, and more
  • Free last-minute cancellation or changes
  • Priority for early check-in and late check-out
  • Breakfast included

Need to know:

  • Offer includes no extra charge for in-room food and beverage service
  • Valid for stays from Jul. 1 to Dec. 18, 2020
  • Specific conditions may apply per hotel
  • Offer subject to availability
  • Minimum stay of 2 nights required


It seems we suddenly find ourselves living in a “last-minute” world where plans, flights, even entire countries can change from “go” to “no-go” overnight. That’s why you can now book our hotels worry-free. Our Safe & Flexible rate means that you can make complimentary last-minute changes or cancellations up to one day before your arrival—and, yes, you will always get the best rate. Oh, and we’re even throwing in breakfast, priority for early check-in and late check-out, and no extra charge for in-room food and beverage service. Book now through Dec 18, 2020 to benefit.