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Mouche Van Hool
Answering to Antwerp

001 August Hotel Mouche Van Hool Portrait
  • Words Scott McGill
  • Images Robert Rieger

How does one take a city forward while also preserving its history and its culture? Just ask Mouche Van Hool, a new hospitality force helping to regenerate a storied corner of Antwerp.

Leaving the world of public relations and advertising behind for a new path in the hospitality business, Mouche Van Hool renovated two 16th-century townhouses in central Antwerp to create the game-changing Hotel Julien. With a hospitality concept that had guests queueing at the door, Van Hool realized that being a hotelier was both her talent and calling, so she set out to showcase another side of the city. Van Hool clapped eyes on a cluster of buildings on the site of a large 19th-century, former-military-hospital complex, and the idea for August Hotel was born.

003 August Construction
002 August Rooftops
004 August Mouche Van Hool

“I’m trying to rejuvenate a love for Flemish culture.”

Mouche Van Hool

What drew you to the “Het Groen Kwartier” (The Green Quarter) of Antwerp?

Antwerp is quite a dense city, and the new “Green Quarter” real estate development is so close to the city center and yet so remarkably peaceful, with so much open space. It simultaneously represents the changing face of Antwerp and its history, while affording one room to breathe. The former monastery is part of a complex that now houses August and is home to three walled gardens as well. These were a big draw for us and perfect for realizing my ultimate vision.


And what was your ultimate vision?

I wanted to make a hotel in Antwerp that is both for guests and locals. A place with a quiet garden, a spa, a busy bar, and a good restaurant. A place to drop in and have a coffee, a drink, or a meeting. Somewhere you can stay all day if you like. Antwerp didn’t really have a place like that. So architecturally and in terms of layout, the site was a good fit for my overall vision of a new social hub for the city.

006 August Plans

Mouche Van Hool with star architect Vincent Van Duysen

005 August Curtain Test

So you were always aiming to make a big change?

It’s not that simple. I didn’t want to rush in and change the city. We were also working with a heritage-listed building, meaning we were very limited in what we could do structurally. This was never a problem though, as I always wanted to create something that helps people appreciate the history and culture of where they are. Through local design, I’m trying to rejuvenate a love for Flemish culture. This is another reason why we chose Vincent Van Duysen as the architect. Antwerp is his hometown, and he still lives and works here. He’s passionate about Antwerp and he’s an architect with an international reputation and 30 years of experience under his belt, yet, amazingly, this is the first hotel he has ever designed. There’s an innate understanding of the city that can only come with someone who’s lived here, and I wanted to make sure that architecturally and aesthetically, the hotel would be in an organic dialogue with the city.

007 August Bar
008 August Bike

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Belgium, Antwerp

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Belgium, Antwerp
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