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Kathrin &
Christian Sersch
At One with the Land


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Words Ken BaronImages Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann

Perhaps the easiest way to understand the passion that Kathrin and Christian Sersch have for the stunning, history-rich piece of land that houses their jointly conceived Seezeitlodge is to simply close your eyes and listen.

That buzzing you hear is the bee colony that the couple established on site not only to provide guests with fresh honey but to serve as a living testament to their commitment to sustainability and localization. “This land is steeped in Celtic history and set on a pristine forest and lake,” explains Kathrin, “so it was very important to us to celebrate the ancient Celtic references, the rhythms, the seasons, the rituals, and the natural medicinal herbs and foods that are key to relaxation and enjoyment.” To which Christian pointedly adds, “We both grew up in the neighborhood of a Celtic hillfort and fortification. That energy has been always part of our life.”

002 Seezeitlodge Forest Detail Moss
003 Seezeitlodge Kathrin Christian Sersch Jeep

In many ways, it feels as if to connect to the land and the history here is to connect directly to your hotel. I gather that was intentional from the start.

Christian Sersch: Absolutely! We grew up in the area and felt strongly connected to the place. Therefore, it was only logical that we incorporate the existing history, culture, and beauty here into the fabric of the hotel rather than to disturb it or try to falsely manipulate it. For example, during the six months prior to opening, we visited almost every farm, cheese dairy, and mill in the region to find suitable partners who could provide our guests with special products and stories.

Kathrin Sersch: When we visited the site for the first time, the power of the forest and the vastness of the lake cast a spell over us. It was clear to us that our hotel could only reflect the region’s culture, producers, and materials. Right from the start, we held true to the motto: “Do not disturb!” And from this idea the hotel’s concept and architecture developed, creating a tangible feeling for our guests that extends to the design, the spa, the culinary approach, and the special lakeside rituals that are in harmony with solstice celebrations and other events over the year.

004 Seezeitlodge Kathrin Christian Sersch Bostalsee

“I’m a big fan of that saying, ‘There are only two days a year when you can’t do anything: yesterday and tomorrow. So live today and love the here and now.’ ”

Kathrin Sersch

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Hospitality seems an unlikely field from which to express a passion for Celtic history. What lead you into the business?

CS: Kathrin’s grandparents opened a bakery with an attached hotel in 1952, and it was one of the most well-known restaurant retreats in Saarland at that time. Also, my grandparents had their own restaurant, so you could say hospitality was in our blood.

KS: As for the Celts, in school we learned about their culture and their importance in this area, so they have always been a part of our personal and regional history. Still, when we began developing Seezeitlodge, we approached the Celts differently than most, not from a strictly historical, archeological, or visual realm but by focusing on their knowledge of life rhythms and medicine. It was a very exciting process in which we learned a lot about ourselves and perceived the region with a new set of eyes.

006 Seezeitlodge Bird View Bostalsee Boats
007 Seezeitlodge Kathrin Christian Sersch
008 Seezeitlodge Celtic Village Sauna

What is your passion besides hospitality?

KS: Well, naturally there are our two children! But in addition to family, I like spending time in the forest or practicing meditation and yoga. In winter I go skiing as often as possible. Plus, I have a great passion for books, which is a main reason that we have a library in the hotel. And of course, we have a passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures, journeys that enrich us through unique experiences.

CS: Yes, new cultures, along with peace, quiet, and good food! Oh, and I really enjoy playing golf. It’s a great opportunity to set my mind at rest and focus at the same time.

009 Seezeitlodge Woods Nature Detail 01
014 Seezeitlodge Park Trees
013 Seezeitlodge Celtic Village Spa Sauna
010 Seezeitlodge Woods Nature 02

What is the best advice you ever received?

CS: I like to try to live by that celebrated line: “If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.”

KS: It’s something that mindfulness practices taught me and that continues to inspire me: There are only two days a year when you can’t do anything—yesterday and tomorrow. So live today and love the here and now.

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