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The Future of Wellness

Evolution of the Farm, Well-being

  • Words Frankie Wechsler
  • Film Strange Company

Watch our interview with Chris Sanderson of The Future Laboratory on how the fields of wellness and health are shifting, merging, and evolving into the future.

Few people know as much as Chris Sanderson about how our ideas about our health are evolving. As the co-founder and CEO of one of The Future Laboratory, one of the world’s leading foresight consultancies, he keeps a keen eye trained on the wellness and medical industries as well as the ways these disciplines are absorbed and incorporated into everything from fashion to hospitality to the tech sector. We caught up with him at Further Ibiza: Evolution of the Farm to discuss how our ideas and habits around health and wellness are changing, how we moved from the muscularity of the 1980s to a more holistic, restrained sense of fitness, and how to understand “sustainability” as more than a buzzword.